Welcome to IARI

iARiAs a Non Profit Organization, NPO, iARi has had to find a shift from a hand to mouth organization to professional functionality.  It being 2 years old, iARi had to restructure from top to bottom; set up both operational and financial systems based on the fact that, while focused on a strategy to propagate and advocate for the African Renaissance, AR, the organization had to base it's operations on the 5 categories of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems, IKS, in order to ensure that the AR is mass based. 2 new board members were sought, a sociologist and  a public health professor; 4 staff members were retrenched and a system for commissioning consultants has been instituted, beginning with one of the staff who had been with iARi longest, for continuity and to complete the 2012 project which is funded by the National Heritage Council.

The Way We Heal

30 Jan 2013 → 10 Feb 2013
This is about a spiritual journey of a lost figure in search of her soul and identity. She is rescued by a traditional healer who takes her on an initiation process to recover her soul and identity. The story is about the power of healing through African, traditional spirituality.
Venue Windybrow Theatre Windybrow Centre for the Arts
City Johannesburg