Welcome to IARI

IARI is a Non Profit Organization that was founded in August 2009,  by Prof. M.W. Serote in partnership with other board Members with the aim to find African Solutions to African Problems.

IARI Four focal point

Incubation: We will not reinvent wheels. We will search for new ideas from old ones and be creative.

Distillation: In the search for new ideas from the old ones, we will still look for the best ones.

Facilitation: We will facilitate best partnerships so that we can create new and unique ideas.

Innovation: Besides new and unique ideas, we will put new and unique results and products on the table.

With all the projects we engage, we will continuously use the four focal points above so that we are informed by the human condition, by ecology. By the environment and by the economy. We are part of the sustainability revolution.

We have had to find a shift from a hand to mouth organization to professional functionality. We also had to restructure our Organisation from top to bottom by setting up both operational and financial systems based on the fact that, while focused on a strategy to propagate and advocate for the African Renaissance (AR), the organization had to base it's operations on the 5 categories of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) in order to ensure that the AR is mass based.

IARi's strategic objective is to contribute to the reclamation, reawakening, regenerating and the reawakening of the continent and to the human experience.

We have six Board Members, one Permanent Staff Member and one Volunteer.

Board Members

1. Mrs. Jane Mirriam Khoza (Chairperson)
Mrs. Khoza is the community leader of the community and a school Principal

2. Prof. Mongane Wally Serote (Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IARI)
Writer, Poet, IKS Practitioner, Ngaka and Novelist

3. Dr Khensani Serote (Board Member)
Khensani is currently a Principal Medical Officer in Anesthesiology .

4. Ms. Marina Aucamp (Board Member and Financial Manager of IARI)

5. Prof Stephen Hendricks (Board Member)
Prof Hendricks is in the field of Public Health.

6. Prof. Mellissa Styn (Board Member)
Prof Styn is a Sociologist